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MaxiMarin is a special system of autonomous water supply and nutrients, specifically developed for agriculture, forestry, landscaping, as well as for environmental restoration and reclamation of anthropogenic zones.

Quality characteristics of the technology help to restore soil fertility and give an opportunity to considerably diminish doses of mineral fertilizers, allowing agricultural producers to save their money and substantially relieving environmental pressure on soil. By transporting nutrients and minerals from soil into plants, the technology improves permeability of the membrane of root cells and takes extra acidity from soil that will enable crops, susceptible to excessive acidity, to be planted in fields in the future.

The combination of ingredients in one product intensifies and supplements their properties, thus heightening the desired effect from application.

MaxiMarin is applied both on its own and in mixture with fertilizers. It can also be applied simultaneously with pesticides. MaxiMarin is absolutely safe and non-toxic.

To make it convenient when applied to different crops, the products are manufactured and classified in the following categories:

a)product mineral MaxiMarin granules – in detail
b)product mineral MaxiMarin nutrient gel – in detail
c)product mineral MaxiMarin tablets – in detail