MaxiMarin granules

The main property of MaxiMarin granules is their ability to absorb and hold moisture, water-soluble fertilizers and additives. When the draught period sets in, the gelly-like mass, formed from granules, will work in soil as if an accumulator, returning moisture and nutrients to plants and thus allowing them to grow and fructify normally, whether there is or there is no precipitation.

It is important to know that the product is based on potassium.

1 kg of MaxiMarin granules can retain up to 400 l of water.

The unique property of MaxiMarin is that it is not dissolved in water and not washed out of soil during irrigation, working successfully for about 10 years at one-time application. MaxiMarin reduces the frequency and amount of irrigation more than by 50 %, saving water-soluble fertilizers, stimulators and plant protection products and preventing them from being washed out.

Owing to its potential, MaxiMarin improves soil structure, ensures its drainage and aeration (being indispensable when applied in damp soils), increases soil surge capacity, i.e. the ability of soil to maintain natural рН even when invaded by sour and alkaline agents.

It is absolutely safe and nontoxic for people, bacteria, seaweeds, fish, birds and microbes in soil. MaxiMarin does not affect pesticides and encourages the development of mycorhiza – symbiotic soil fungi.

Devices for mechanised application of granules