MaxiMarin – tablet

TabletkaMaxiMarin – tablet
MaxiMarin – tablets – the most convenient MaxiMarin humic product form, can be applied by any planting method, including that by the hydraulic drill. The humic composition provides plants with nutrients, maintaining them near the root system, whereas the moisture accumulating material will absorb and keep the necessary humidity.

It is indispensable when you plant:
- gardens,
- decorative trees,
- vineyards,
- bushes,
- saplings,
- flowers,
- vegetables,
- or when grafting.


MaxiMarin – tablets for sproutsThe latest product of MaxiMarin Private Business and Scientific and Production Centre with IT is nutrient pressed soil with a moisture accumulating component. A tablet, the most convenient product form, can be applied by any sprouts planting methods. MaxiMarin tabletcontributes to accumulation and retention of moisture necessary for plants, preservation of fertilizers near the root system and improvement of aeration and drainage.

It is indispensable when you plant:
- vegetable sprouts,
- strawberries,
- flowers,
- or during grafting.