Nutrient gel MaxiMarin

MaximarinNutrient gel MaxiMarin
MaximarinMaxiMarin (universal) nutrient gel -
MaxiMarin (universal) nutrient gel protects plant roots from drying out when planted, stored and transported at a long distance.
It is indispensable in planting gardens, ornamental trees, wooded areas, vineyards, shrubs and seedlings of flowers and vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, etc.), as well as in storing, enrooting cuttings, grafting and subinoculation of seedlings.
Owing to its potential, MaxiMarin nutrient gel:
- provides a high acclimation rate and enrooting of seedlings;
- protects the plant root system from drying out, when transported and stored;
- reduces plant stress, when planted/transplanted;
- enhances the development of powerful root system;
- prevents nutrients from being washed out;
- encourages intensive plant growth and development;
- raises crop yield.
When planting seedlings using nutrient gel MaxiMarin for coating the roots, it is convenient to combine it with a tablet MaxiMarin or MaxiMarin-granular. This complex in the dry period will be working in the soil as a kind of battery, giving the accumulated moisture to the plants, allowing them to grow and bear fruit, regardless of the rainfall.

The method of application: before planting, soak roots in MaxiMarin nutrient gel to wrap them and tightly adhere to them, thus providing a closer contact with soil and initial reserve of moisture and nutrition, necessary for plant growth.
When planting saplings of shrubs or sprouts, MaxiMarin nutrient gel should be combined with MaxiMarin tables or MaxiMarin granules. When the draught period sets in, this complex will work in soil as if an accumulator, returning absorbed moisture to plants and thus allowing them to grow and fructify, whether there is or there is no regular precipitation.

Application of MaxiMarin nutrient gel, combined with MaxiMarin granules


Application of MaxiMarin nutrient gel, combined with MaxiMarin tablets