MaxiMarin gel

MaxiMarin production in fight against a heat

Year everyone pro-lives does us richer with knowledge and experience. Here and in 2007 we managed to add something to improvement of the methods of cultivation of wild strawberry.

In practice it was possible to test very useful substance – MaxiMarin.

To get it it was possible in May when already all main saplings were landed. Therefore to test action «a miracle – a product» it was necessary only on some grades.

In usual years, May is the “hottest” time for planting of many plants. But May, 2007 appeared too hot in the most literal sense of a word. After May 10 there was a sharp transition from cool spring weather on a summer heat. It was very negatively reflected in again landed plants, and not only wild strawberry. Almost all summer residents, truck farmers, again and again landed sprouts a tomato, pepper, cabbage … to the place of the burned down.

Let’s not hide that we also had fears for destiny of our late plantings. The scorched leaves had oppressed and quite pitiable appearance. To cover them from a heat, we had no possibility. It was necessary to hope only for a miracle – gel! And quite it justified our hopes. The heart of saplings was live, and growth of new, young leaflets quickly enough began. Despite of the 40oheat, young leaves were strong and dark-green. Moisture in the soil to them sufficed, it was necessary so to water time in 5-6 days that was simply surprising at such heat, and not ceasing wind.
In a month after landing saplings had simply excellent appearance (photo)

MaxiMarin action doesn’t end on this. Thanks to that moisture for a long time kept around roots we, reduced in 2 times a dose of the instant mineral fertilizers brought by watering at the roots. Also, increased an interval between top dressing.

If earlier we top dressing spent each 7-10 days, now isn’t more often than in 20 days. The truth was essentially reflected in doses and an interval and the increased temperature. At such heat even the usual norm can damage. So to correct top dressing it is necessary already therein, is more true on weather. When business reached gathering berries, we again had to be surprised. We grow up “Queen Elizabeth” not for the first year, and it seemed, where berry can be still better than it! But perfection doesn’t have a limit. On the bushes landed with absorbent of berry were much larger, and the plant absolutely didn’t react in any way to tiring heat. The same was and on other grades landed with it.

Though the same grades which were planted earlier, and without Teraveta were obviously oppressed by a heat and the sun.

Even Queen Elizabeth by the evening put leaflets in the form of the boat. It was visible that it is not easy to wild strawberry to transfer such weather “extremes”.

The unique grade, us very surprised, proved to be perfectly both with absorbent, and without it. It is a grade Capital – he so felt well what to water it tried less often than other grades, only refreshed easy overhead irrigation in the evening.

As we were convinced of efficiency of MaxiMarin, for the autumn decided to sit down wild strawberry only with it!

We can impart experience applications of absorbent and with you.

MaxiMarin superabsorbent is granules which carry out function of the accumulator of moisture and a food for root system in the soil.

Nutritious MaxiMarin gel is necessary for an encapsulating of root system before landing and transportation to long distances. Perfectly removes a stress at plants when landing!

1л nutritious gel suffices on 150-200 saplings of wild strawberry.

The plant can be processed in addition solution of Radifarm and Kendal. (2 ml Radifarm + 2 ml Kendal on 1 l). In this case the Radifarm serves for the best rooting and growth of young roots, and Kendal helps plants to transfer change, stimulates a plant, increasing its viability.

To the marked, prepared and watered bed to the place of each bush strewed 2 pinches of granules of MaxiMarin and 2 pinches of humates, then took a sapling, dipped roots into nutritious MaxiMarin gel and landed. You can MaxiMarin in the form of a tablet Instead of granules, since in it all in a complex and a food and moisture not less effectively.

Humates as organic fertilizer, together with superabsorbent we applied on Maximarin’s technology to productivity increase. They promote increase in firmness of plants to diseases, acceleration of their growth, and as to faster and uniform maturing of fruits. It is not necessary to forget about that, as the root system with humates and absorbent is much more powerful.

It seems that it is more troublesome, than disembarkation without something. But if to consider that from the landed about 7 thousand saplings in September 0.5 % were gone only, believe that and investments of justified work.

Production of MaxiMarin of even more justifies in areas where there are problems with watering, especially where water is stored in capacities, big barrels, tanks. Water in this case not especially pure, with flakes, a deposit. Drop watering in such conditions is very complicated because of a frequent contamination of openings. Here on reinsurance for moisture regulation under a plant absorbent also will help. When watering by overhead irrigation or the same dropper it can hold moisture round a plant root much more long.

For summer residents it is simple rescue. To us is frequent to have in the summer to see how among a week people hurry on dachas, sites, often turning in weight carriers – waters. Carry it in plastic bottles, cans. Certainly, the watering problem with application of absorbent doesn’t disappear completely, but it won’t stand so sharply – on the verge of a survival. Plant watering well on days off, people in 2-3 days will already not repeat the hard way loaded with water. And there where there is a watering, everything is more much more simply. Having filled in the beds with water in the day off, it is possible not to worry that they won’t live to next weekends. But thus the indispensable condition – mulching is necessary. But also here MaxiMarin in a complex with EM technologies (type Baikal) to the aid comes – such complex promotes moisture preservation, development of useful microflora for work of bacteria both allows to loosen and structure the earth and let’s be formed to not penetrative crust smothering a plant.

We sincerely hope that our experience will allow many producers of agricultural products, to receive a stable crop in open soil even at such adverse weather conditions which were last year. We plan and to be engaged in research practice further.

You are expected by a set of the interesting and useful finds put into practice, and giving the maximum profit from rather small areas at the minimum expenses.
Author:, the expert on fruit-and-vegetable growing Larissa Georgiyevna Chaban. Ukraine, Kremenchug